Join us in our continued mission to provide a Life Without Limits! image

Join us in our continued mission to provide a Life Without Limits!

Whether it is a one-time gift or monthly, every contribution matters.

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The Life Without Limits Campaign is seeking funding for programing in these much need areas. Here are our program descriptions:

The Lisa Jacobs Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Lisa Jacobs Memorial Scholarship Fund was created on behalf of Lisa Jacobs, daughter of Maren Jacobs. Maren has been a UCP Board Member for nearly 50 years. Despite being a person of differing abilities, Lisa exemplified a “Life without Limits.” This scholarship will give support to high school seniors looking to go to college and earn a degree in the Health and Human Services field.

Early Intervention

Early Intervention is an individualized, family-centered program that provides educational and therapeutic services to children birth to age 3 who have a developmental delay or are at risk of developing a delay. Early Intervention specialists at UCP help create manageable strategies with the family to work on during their typical daily routines. The goal is to facilitate developmental progress to allow each child to reach his or her full potential.

Assistive Technology PATCH Scholarship Program

This scholarship program provides applicants who may not qualify for DDS or MRC services but are living on a fixed income and may have other government support, such as SNAP or WIC, to apply for an Assistive Technology device for themselves or someone they love. With an application, interview and trial phase, UCP makes sure that the device will be the perfect fit.

Family Support Services: Sensory Safe Space

UCP of Western Massachusetts would like to create a Sensory Safe Space at our 208 West Street Family Support Center. This would allow a safe space for our members who may be struggling to regulate their emotions. The room would include soothing weighted blankets, vibrating chair, a tactile light wall, a therapeutic robotic dog and cat, as well as other self-soothing devices for the members to use and find comfort in.

Dan Dillon Memorial Endowment

The Dan Dillion Memorial Endowment is dedicated to helping the agency continue to grow and serve more people with different abilities into the future. While this never replaces Dan’s smile, his spirit will live on for years to come. It will serve as a reminder for his goodwill to every life he touched.

Give to the greater good.